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Several of us behind Capeactive have lived and operated in different countries in southern Africa for the last 30 years, both as kids and as adults. We know the region well and have unique and personal knowledge, networks and contacts that we have establisehd whilst living in countries such as Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

In addition we have experienced much of southern Africa through our own travels and we have many personal gems and favorites that we want others to enjoy and experience through our travel pacjages.

It is time for us to combine our unique experience and our passion in what is Capeactive.

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Mission & Vision

Since the beginning, har goal and purpoise has been to spread knowledge in health and training. We also want as many as possible to discover the health and training related products we offer. Due to our personal connection to southern Africa it is also important to us to market what we believe is a fantastic part of the world.

We target training enthusiasts at all levels. Through our offering we hope to inspire others and build a community of new connections around the world.


Capeactive offers both ready-made and personal training packages in a number of different areas with the purpose of supporting our customers’ journey towards a healthier lifestyle redardless of starting point and end goal.

Training trips

Our trips focus on training, health and unforgettable experiences. We know the region better than most and our travel arrangements combine unique training opportunities with new people, cultural experiences and an african landscape with an exotic wildlife. Our training trips are personal and offer an experience beyond the normal tourist destinations. We will bring you to places you can’t miss, but we will also take you to places, restuarants, citie and attractions that are our personal favorites. We hope that as many as possible want to experience the region, together with us or on their own.


We want to spread knowledge, training advise, highlights and inspiration through our blogs and social channels to encourage an active lifestyle. It is our passion and the energy we get out of this that we want to share.


Capeactive offers training gear and equipment in our online store. The products we choose to distribute are designed and developed to meet the performance requirements of atheletes at all levels. Our products are, just like our training rtrips, unique both in function and performance.
Unique training trips

Destinations and experiences with our unique touch.

Personal training

Support to get started or taking your training to the next level.

Group discounts

Reduced pricing for larger groups.

Product support

Contact our support for help with your purchases.