Training for Seniors – Gym

149 kr

IMprove your health and get started in the gym supported by our training program specifically designed for seniors that are looking to get active in the gym. The training program is updated regularly with new exercises to ensure development and a dnamic training experience. All exercises are easily accessible via our app.



    To get started, just follow the email instructions received after successful payment. For any questions you are welcome to contact us at support@capeactive.se

    To consider

    • When needed, always consult your doctor before you start training and/or use our training programs.
    • This program is designed towards a larger group, without specific adapation towards your specific needs. As such, the program is used at your own risk and training and levels of activity should be adjusted according to individual capacity.
    • The program is a subscription with monthly charges. You can cancel your subscription at any time at no extra cost as long as it is done prioir to your next invoicing cycle.

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