The Capeactive app is launched

The Capeactive app is launched

All your training on your device


Now it is easy to sign up for training programs and personal training at and have access to exercises and mealplans directly after checkout. We offer both ready-to-use programs and bespoke training programs developed together with on of our coaches.

To the app:

Subject to the package details of your choice, you will have access to practical functionality within the app designed to make your training simpler and more efficient.

Schedules and notifications to keep track of your training

Plan your training in your calendar and receive notifications.

Easy accessible training programs and exercises

All your programs and exercises in one location.

Instructional exercise videos

Instructional video showing you how to perform exercises.

Meal plans, history and statistical data for your training

Get access to meal plans and keep a registry your training and nutrition.

Chat and receive support from your coach directly from within the app

Help and support in realtime by your coach.