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- passion for food

Are trips are not only about training. South Africa offers a fantastic kitchen inspired by the entire world. You will be able to enjoy african, american, french, german, italian, japanese, mexican, thai and spanish cuisine. The quality of food in South Africa is high, produced locally and organic.


We focus less on meat and try to mix in a diverse diet based on the local available produce. There is a strong vegetarian culture which is reflected in the dietary selection in our packages. At the coast the menues are dominated by fish and seafood. In short, there is a wide selection that we benefit from in our approach and focus on health and variety.

*note that the food offering differs between package and destination


In comparison to South Africa it is still affordable to I dine out. South Africa currently has a restaurant (The Test   Kitchen) on the list of the fifty best restaurants in the world, but service and food are generally very good wherever you go. It is evident that fresh ingredients are used.

The restaurants inluded in our packages are often our own favorites that we have visited during our time in the country. We want to combine ambiance, food and unique experiences to ensure that our guests have the best possible experience.

Boma dinner

A Boma dinner is an african outside dinner at its best. A traditional Boma surrounds the guests under the affrican sky. Dinner is often comprised by grilled chicken, beef, lamb and pork served with different soups and salads. There are obviously vegetarian alternatives as well.


Wine production in southern Africa is concentrated around Cape Town with large production in Constantia, Paarl, Stellenbosch and Worcester. These areas produce large quantities of worldclass wine that is sold both locally and around the world, e.g. to Systembolaget in Sweden. We focus on offering South African wines as part of our packages.

Cooking with the group

Some of our packages include cooking classes where we learn to cook healthy food based on old and new traditions. This is normally a very appreciated exercise and we end the evening with a joint dinner where we enjoy the food we have cooked.